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Legacy Energy Services Announces Expanded Construction and Site-Work Division

The company looks to leverage multiple recent government agency and private contract awards to grow the business segment

October 14, 2020 - San Antonio, TX

Legacy Energy Services announced today a significant effort to expand its construction division with an emphasis on site-work, earthwork, infrastructure development and landscape construction & maintenance.

“Construction has always been critical to the growth of Legacy,” explained Peter Green, Owner and CEO of Legacy Energy Services, ”This ongoing effort expands our reach and serves to reinforce our core strategies to build our company.”

Steve Pruitt, Director of Marketing and Business Development, also related that recent awards for multiple landscape construction and maintenance contracts for the Texas Department of Transportation illustrates Legacy’s commitment to expansion in the market segment.

“We’ve been fortunate to take existing people and equipment resources as well as experience from our oil & gas water services and construction work and apply it to these types of projects across the state,” Steve stated. He went on to explain that Peter and key management team members have a long and solid history in site-work and construction, making this expansion a natural fit.

It’s important to note that, although there is an emphasis on expanding the construction business, the company is clear in its plans to continue to invest in and support the energy sector.

“Make no mistake, we will continue to serve our oil & gas water market,” Peter was quick to add, “In fact, we are in the process of developing some new products and services that will further enhance the water management and logistics aspects of our business.”

The company’s recently re-launched website expands on that thought and details a complete line of services for water management, construction services and site support equipment rental and crew support.

About Legacy Energy Services

Founded in 2015, Legacy Energy Service has quickly grown to be a leading provider of Water Management & Logistics, Water Sourcing, Support equipment sales & rentals provider throughout the Eagle Ford Shale Basin and beyond. Legacy has also expanded into construction projects to support the site-work, site prep, landscape and land infrastructure development construction segment.

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